What is your jewelry made of?

Our jewelry is made of stainless steel with a plating of 14k or 18k gold.


Does your jewelry discolour?

Stainless steel is a metal that does not discolour (by that we mean black or brown spots that you do get with silver and copper) and does not turn your skin green.

The gold plating on stainless steel also lasts longer than with other gold-plated jewelry. The gold plating may become slightly lighter in color than before when worn. If you take good care of the jewelry, you can enjoy it for a long time!

We give a two-month warranty on all our jewelry. 


How do I take care of my jewelry?

The jewelry is generally water resistant. Nevertheless, we recommend that you handle your jewelry with care. For example, it may be that your jewelry reacts with a substance that is in your shampoo, perfume or cream. That is why we recommend the following jewelry care tips:

  • Preferably take off your rings while showering and exercising.

  • Remove your rings when applying cream or lotion. This also allows the gold layer to come off faster.

  • Always take off your jewelry when you go swimming in water that contains chlorine. Also take them off if you clean with products that contain chlorine. Stainless steel and chlorine do not mix well: the ring can be affected by this.

  • It can sometimes happen that the acidity of the skin or certain beauty products wear off the gold plating.


How do I take care of my jewelry with (natural) stones?

The stones in our jewelry are natural products, so each stone is different and unique. The jewelry with (natural) stones is also made of stainless steel. The above tips therefore also apply to our jewelry with (natural) stones. Natural stones can also be sensitive to chemical agents. Also, some stones (especially Mother of Pearl) are sensitive to impact. That is why we recommend removing the jewelry with stones during activities such as sports or physical work. Certain stones may also discolour due to direct sunlight. This is a natural process and does not fall under our warranty.