'Sicsie' is inspired by the Finnish word 'Siksi', which means 'that's why'. Because we think you don't need a reason to feel good every day!

At Sicsie we only sell things that we are passionate about: gold jewelry with real natural stones such as rose quartz, Amazonite or mother-of-pearl, each unique in its own way. Our jewelry is feminine, stylish and designed to be worn all the time.

Waterproof jewelry for everyday wear.

  • Waterproof Jewelry

    Shower, swim and work out with our jewelry without losing the gold color.

  • Easy shopping

    Just email or whatsapp us, we're here for all your questions!

  • Real Gemstones

    We use real gemstones that each have their unique character.

Our collection of gold plated jewelry is made of stainless steel, a durable material that does not irritate and remains beautiful for a long time. The stainless steel is covered with a layer of real 14k or 18k gold. This is done by means of a special plating process, so that the gold layer remains in place for a long time. To learn more about keeping your jewelry shiny for a long time, please see our Jewelry Care page.

Hi, I'm Eline, the founder of Sicsie

When studying Art History, I discovered how much happiness a beautiful work of art or item can bring. After working in galleries and museums for a number of years, the desire for a webshop started to grow. In 2019 I made my dream come true and Sicsie became a reality! Now I hope to make someone happy with a beautiful piece of jewelry every day. Your life is a work of art, so be creative!